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Privacy Policy

Nosherie processes your Personal information in accordance with Cargill's Online Privacy Policy.

For California residents - Notice of Financial Incentives: Nosherie is an incentive program ("Program") offered to any eligible participant in accordance with the Terms and Conditions. Cargill collects the following categories of information related to an identified or identifiable individual ("Personal Information") as part of the Program: Name, Contact Information, product purchase, and opinion information. Participation in the Program is voluntary, and Cargill is entitled to use and/or disclose the Personal Information obtained in the context of the Program in exchange for providing financial incentives offered by the Program. These incentives include but are not limited to: coupons, sample boxes, and apparel.

Participants in the Program may opt out of the Program at any point; however, these preferences will not apply retroactively. To do this, please contact us. We do not assign a monetary value to the Personal Information that we collect and strive to only use that information to further our business in accordance with our Privacy Policy and this Notice of Financial Incentives. To the extent that we are required to assign a monetary value to your Personal Information, we estimate it to be reasonably related to the value of the financial incentive that we have provided to you.

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