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Your Secret Sauce

Let’s face it: the path to scaling is not an easy one. With ever-increasing CPA, opaque or simply nonexistent retail data, driving sell-through is a challenge for growing brands.

Nosherie is here to change that.

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Trusted by hundreds of brands including:

With Nosherie, find highly-engaged shoppers

Are you looking for ways to increase product awareness and drive digital & retail velocity? With Nosherie, you can engage with enthusiastic foodies looking for exciting brands and:

  • Easily test new branding, concepts, or products on our digital shelf

  • Provide a low-risk way for new customers to try your products

  • Unlock insights and gain direct feedback

  • Increase your brand engagement and loyalty


Optimize & scale your brand footprint

Our robust insight gathering tool comes packaged in a game-like experience for the end-users, maximizing shopper engagement and allowing you to uncover growth opportunities with:

  • Robust shopper demographics and psychographics, customizable to your needs

  • Product performance analysis amongst competitors and categories

  • Price sensitivity analysis

  • Data and insights to optimize product marketing and lower CPA

  • Coupon-based campaigns to drive traffic in store or to your digital channels

Sample your way to perfection

Glean important insights about your product and audience through highly targeted sampling campaigns

  • Turnkey sampling solutions

  • Brand-sponsored sample box*

  • Custom surveys to understand taste, occasion, sentiment, and much more

  • Post-sampling incentives to increase repeat purchase and loyalty

*You will need to provide and fulfill samples, Nosherie will do all the rest


Ready. Set. Nosh!


Seamless setup

Easy support with dedicated set up to make onboarding a breeze.


A plan to fit you

Whether an emerging or household name, our passion is giving you tools for growth


For Noshers by Noshers

Eating is not only our jobs, it's our favorite past time. 

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